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Sales Without Marketing…
The Picture Is Incomplete

There is the story about the buyer who asked the manufacturer to make him a sample of a shoe he planned to order. The manufacturer, attempting to avoid the cost and time involved in making the sample, suggested instead that he send the buyer a picture of the shoe. The buyer replied, "That's fine. You send me a picture of the shoe, and I'll send you a picture of the order."

In today's market place, it is much more than pictures that move products. Sellers must earn their success through innovative market support programs tailored to the needs of the buyer.

Historically, shoe industry manufacturers and distributors have focused almost exclusively on product, price, sales, and profit. All of these factors are and must continue to be important concerns. Currently, in the highly competitive and sophisticated selling arena there is a new dimension which has become an integral part of the total picture. It's called "marketing."

The days of the salesman opening his bags in front of the buyer and saying, "O.K. Murray, pick 'em out" are long gone. Unless the seller is equipped to assist in preparing buying plans, to offer promotional methods and materials and to essentially participate as a partner in the total merchandising effort, then the salesperson will be neglecting elements which are the key to his customers' successful operation. Sales support systems have now assumed a degree of importance comparable to the product itself.

In recent years, the major athletic shoe firms have led the way in effective marketing programs. Their well-integrated promotional advertising, packaging, and product development efforts have been highly aggressive and innovative. Their marketing skills have virtually made household words of their brand names. To some extent these brands have become generic terms. It's not, "I just bought a new pair of running shoes." More likely, it's "I just bought a pair of Reeboks or Nikes."

THE-ROGOVIN-GROUP an established marketing/communications consulting firm located in Newton, Mass., has recently positioned itself to add special focus on the needs and challenges of footwear companies with the establishment of its new Fashion Footwear Division. The firm has had a successful track record with shoe companies in the past and is currently working on special projects with several shoe manufacturers and wholesalers.

Special Focus

David Rogovin, founder of the firm, is a senior marketing and advertising professional with over 25 years of hands-on experience. His company was founded with the philosophy that not every marketing problem requires an advertising solution. THE-ROGOVIN-GROUP'S approach is often entrepreneurial and always bottom-line oriented.

The recent appointment of Arthur Ezrin to head the new footwear division effectively reinforces the firm's commitment to the shoe sector. Ezrin brings a broad background in domestic and imported footwear to the firm, with 30 years of successful executive shoe experience in marketing, sales, retailing, and manufacturing.

The Newton-based firm believes that it is uniquely qualified to offer manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, importers, sales organizations and suppliers a rare combination of professional marketing expertise, and a shoe man's perspective.

In today's market place you can't get the job done with pictures. It is hard-sell, bottomline oriented, measurable programs that allow companies to reach their goals.

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