Jump/Start Marketing Thoughts, Volume 1
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  • Ask David & Don - Is Advertising the Right Prescription?
    Don Giller and David Rogovin

    David Rogovin, our Managing Director, (pictured right) is a management professional with over 30 years of strategic marketing, sales, and advertising experience. During this period, he has worked with hundreds of organizations in dozens of industries.

    Don Giller, our Director of Health Care Services (pictured left), is a 30 year veteran in health care positioning, branding and marketing. He has been closely associated with many well-respected hospitals and medical research institutions throughout the country.

    Q. We have spent a lot of money on our advertising program but nothing really has worked for us. How can you help?

    A. To use a medical analogy, such strategic tools as advertising, PR, incentives... should be viewed in the same light as medications, therapies and preventative programs. No competent doctor would prescribe any of these regimens without first doing a thorough examination in combination with a battery of diagnostic tests. Only after the physician has all of the facts will he or she prescribe the proper treatments.

    This same basic analytic approach should be adopted by all organizations well before they even think about prescribing their own marketing solutions.

    At The Rogovin Group, we have developed a proprietary marketing plan development process that always places the necessary strategies after the all-important planning process. We call this program "Jump/Start".

    Customized Marketing Responses
    from The Rogovin Group
    • How does your brand differ from your image or identity?
    • Why does your brand value matter?
    • How can your brand value influence your stakeholders, customers, staff, suppliers, etc?

    Get the answers to these and/or other brand-oriented questions by emailing your individual thoughts and/or concerns to us and we will quickly provide you with a customized response.

    About The Rogovin Group

    Not every marketing problem requires an advertising solution

    The Rogovin Group is a marketing/management consulting firm with more than 20 year of experience in the fields of health care, consumer products, retail, direct response, hospitality, education and test market programs for off shore companies who are interested in testing their products in the U.S.

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