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About: Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
David A. Rogovin
Managing Director and
Business Marketing Coach
Ioannis Voutsadakis
International Marketing Consultant and South Eastern European Director of Business Development
Donald R. Giller
Health Care Marketing Consultant and Director of Business Development for Health Care
Roger P. Day
New Product Marketing Consultant and Director of Emerging Businesses
Kazi M. Belal
International Marketing Consultant and Director of Asian Business Development
Paul J. Kelly
Test Market Consultant and Director of Sales & Distribution for Client Initiatives

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THE-ROGOVIN-GROUP was founded with this basic philosophy by a senior marketing and advertising professional who has more than thirty years of hands-on management experience.

THE-ROGOVIN-GROUP helps organizations to closely examine marketing/communications challenges by using entrepreneurial Out Of The Box thinking. The resulting highly responsive programs often prove to be more successful than classic marketing and advertising approaches, while yielding significant cost benefits.

THE-ROGOVIN-GROUP does believe in advertising as an important part of the marketing/communications mix. However, they have found that for many of their clients, alternative strategies that include highly targeted and interactive communication techniques are often of greater benefit.

THE-ROGOVIN-GROUP maintains a small cost-effective organization. In this way, only our senior staff members become principally involved in the resolution of our clients' marketing/sales problems. We have found that this senior management staffing approach is an extremely effective way to provide highly innovative, bottom line influenced, business solutions in the shortest period of time.

THE-ROGOVIN-GROUP provides services in the following key areas: New Product Marketing Consulting, Test Market Consulting, Health Care Marketing Consulting, International Marketing Consulting and Marketing Coaching.


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