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About: Kazi M. Belal
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Kazi M. Belal
Director of Asian Business Development
International Marketing Consultant

Kazi Belal has over 15 years of executive level experience in marketing, planning and operation of joint ventures for commercial and industrial business growth in developing countries. His strong knowledge of local business practices in these countries, combined with his ability to address and structure new business opportunities in the global marketplace has resulted in significant growth and increased revenue for many multinational organizations.

Kazi offers guidance in creating joint ventures between US based companies and compatible organizations in developing countries. He provides lobbying services, in-country marketing and logistical support, public and private sector relations assistance and acts as a liaison between the client firm and the public/private sectors in the developing country.

He has provided consulting services to US firms in many industries including Energy, Telecommunications, Aviation, Health, Textiles and Environment. He has established strong business relationships between US firms and both private and public sector agencies in Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines. Mr. Belal has been successful in negotiating financing from international funding agencies such as The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank and The International Finance Corporation. His understanding of the various cultures of the countries in which he operates, combined with his personal contacts at the highest levels, allows him to conduct negotiations and organize high level meetings with government officials, private entrepreneurs and international agencies.

Listed below are just a few of the companies, agencies and educational institutions for whom Mr. Belal has been effective in the awarding of lucrative contracts and establishment of valuable linkages.

  • Harvard Business School
  • University of Massachusetts
  • Suffolk University
  • The Princeton Review
  • MassPort Trade Development
  • SAR Engineering, Inc.
  • DeLucia and Associates
  • Camp, Dresser and McKee

Mr. Belal received his education at Manchester University in Manchester, England. He was enrolled in select post graduate business programs at both the Harvard Business School and the University of Massachusetts. He also participated in trade and business seminars at MassPort Trade Development and the Right Management Group in Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Belal, is a member of the US Bangladesh Business Council, former president of the Bangladesh Association of New England, a member of Oxfam America, and for three consecutive terms, he was appointed by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to head the Asian American Cultural Affairs Commission.

For the past 10 years, he has worked closely with The Rogovin Group in the area of strategic international business development.

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